Addiction to Recovery

12-Step Immersion
Working with a Sponsor and 12 step work is the soul of our program. We believe 12 step recovery is very important to achieving long-term recovery. Sponsorship and 12 step meetings are a requirement for all residents.
Along with 12 step meetings we believe that recovery book studies are of importance to the recovery process. We provide Big Book Studies in all of our homes. This promotes fellowship with women in recovery that are outside of the home.

Peer Goal Advancement
The Miracle House Foundation has implemented a system that promotes 12 step recovery and goal setting. We empower our women set small attainable goals weekly. When they begin to accomplish their goals they begin to see success in their lives. Their self esteem begins to grow.

Spiritual Support
Spiritual support involves the degree to which a person experiences a connection to a higher power that is actively supporting, protecting, guiding, teaching, helping, and healing. For many people, having a relationship with a higher power is the foundation of their psychological well -being.
The Miracle House Foundation holds morning and evening meditation. This gives our women a chance to have a daily reprieve. We feel this is all inclusive with a 12 step recovery process.

Life Skills Development
The Miracle House Foundation provide education on many different topics, here are a few:

  • Money Management
  • Boundaries
  • Women’s Issues
  • Obtaining Employment
  • Communication Skills

Drug/Alcohol Screening
Drug screenings are preformed frequently on a random basis. The following methods are used alternatively

  • 12 Panel Cup
  • Breathalyzers

Recovery Coaching
A Recovery Coach is a peer who helps remove barriers and obstacles to recovery and serves as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery. All women meet weekly with a Recovery Coach and work on small attainable goals.

Employment Program
Our residents upon admission are given job skills training. This includes interview skills, proper dress on interview. The majority of our women obtain employment within 10 days of active job search.