Mommy and Me

In 2013 The Miracle House Foundation designed its very own comprehensive system. The Mommy and Me Program is a “Mother’s Determination” Our Executive Director herself lost custody of her son due to substance abuse. With parenting classes and the 12 step program she regained custody of her son.
Mother’s enter our program with no hope of knowing where to begin. They have lost their children to Child Protective Services or family members. The Miracle House Foundation gives them that “New Beginning” they need.
Stage I  The Miracle House Foundation partners with community organizations that provide Permanent Supportive Housing for Women and Children, by then our resident’s are in 60 days of our 12 step Immersion Program. We meet with CPS case workers and provide progress updates. Our community relationships help in obtaining future family reunification and housing.
Stage II Our main focus is to ensure a Healthy Community where there is tangible social support. Residents in Mommy and Me begin volunteering in the career of their choice. At this time, if there are no opportunities available for permanent supportive housing, we begin assisting residents with local HUD agencies in communities of their choice.
Stage III Supporting community housing agencies begin the acceptance process into housing. By then, our resident’s will have successfully completed our 12 Step Immersion 6 month program at The Miracle House Foundation.

We have reconnected 75 % of our mothers with their children in our Mommy and Me Program!


My name is Terri , I am an addict. My struggle with my addiction has gone on for half of my life. I am a single mom and have a beautiful little girl. She has given my life meaning. Along with everything else, drugs and alcohol took her from my custody. I struggled to break free from that bondage. I moved into the Miracle House and finally got sober, two days later my sister went into a coma. A month later we had to take her off life support. I couldn’t have lived through that if I did it the way I always coped before. Miracle House have me solid ground in which to plant my roots. Today we have our own house together just Lily and me.

Thank God for Dawn and the Miracle House.