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Two ways to pay:

  • Make check payable to The Miracle House Foundation or
  • Click the PayPal section to make a credit card payment
  • Add applicable service fee when using the Paypal to make a credit card payment.
    • Log into your Paypal account
    • Click the Send and Request link from the header menu
    • Click the Send money to friends and family link


Credit Card Payments
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There are different ways to finance your time at The Miracle House Foundation. While we promote conservative financial habits both with our residents and as a organization, we understand that there are times that call for investment.

The Miracle House Foundation works with Prosper Healthcare Lending to allow our residents an option to finance their program fees as a way of investing in their future. When filling out an application with Prosper Healthcare Lending, you will be asked for a Provider Number. The Miracle House Provider Number is 007911.

“Prosper Healthcare Lending is a financial services company that serves healthcare providers and patients nationwide. Our innovative patient financing solutions enable patients to secure affordable financing for a variety of elective procedures at the point of sale.
Our company was founded by partners with decades of experience in consumer direct lending, indirect lending, and healthcare technology. We are known for our unique and easy-to-implement solutions to industry challenges.

We are also a pioneer of the full-service finance model in the healthcare industry and we take pride in our exceptional customer service. Our company operates in a wide variety of standard medical, dental, surgical and other healthcare-related markets, in addition to constantly developing new niches for our core business solutions to serve.

We are different! We offer multiple unique patient financing solutions on one platform to help more patients get approved, and to ensure you get the best rates in the industry. Prosper Healthcare Lending truly stands at the forefront of industry innovation and our creative solutions are revolutionizing the way patients and practices nationwide gain access to financing.”